Want to Create an Impressive Presentation?!

I do about a hundred presentation materials each year.  Presentation materials are something that you cannot take for granted.  One must make sure that the data is accurate.  Having good content is not enough, it must also be a visual treat.  One way to make impressive presentation materials is to utilize flash.  Incorporating Flash into your material is a difficult and time consuming endeavor.  One must be skilled in order to deliver quality flash. Thank goodness for technology, now we have a tool that can help even those who are just learning the ropes. The tool is called Flypaper.

Flypaper™ is a Flash® content management platform that allows businesses, agencies and developers to create and manage high-impact, interactive content for a fraction of the time and cost typically associated with such projects. Flash developers create programs and components and then import them into the Flypaper application so that other users can edit and repurpose the content without touching any programming code. Non-technical users can create content without using developers by starting with Flypaper templates and pre-programmed components to expedite the process.

Flypaper was specifically designed for interactive content creators, Flash developers and business users who want the ability to expedite Flash development, easily update and reuse projects, capture viewer data, and track how content is being consumed.

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