What You Can Do With 2,500 Matches In 24 Hours…

So what is your hobby? Today it seems people are way too busy to even have a hobby, and if you’re one of those people, what do you do to keep yourself happy? Some people take pictures, while others relax in front of the telly. If I were to list every hobby I could come up with, the list would probably make this article insanely boring so let’s not do that. I, myself, would probably end up in that first category, the ones with no life and no hobbies, just work. I know, it’s kind of sad. However, I consider my work to be my hobby, and as long as I do that, I am always happy even though at times I would just like to stand back for a minute and have a breather.

Pei-San Ng has a fancy for matches. When you see what has been created, you’ll be most impressed. Not only does it deliver several messages in one, it also shows great patience and brilliant character to be able to set all these matches up to create a love design and pattern. The thought behind it is one of jealousy and destruction, but also love in itself. There is always something appealing about artwork that mirrors a different kind of ordinary.

Just the fact that the “Passion” piece took 2,500 matches and 24 hours to create is pure evidence that this artist is wholeheartedly connected to the work she creates. She has tons of inspirational pieces that she shows off on her own website, but these deserved special attention due to their awesome nature. After all, we love weird and geeky things here at Bit Rebels. The versatile nature of her pieces vary from housing developments to, as you might understand, setting up matches in certain patterns and then burning them all. Talk about working for nothing. Genius!