What’s The Color of Your Eyes? Fx Eyes

Wouldn’t it be great to change the color of our eyes depending on what we wear? I have seen a lot of people wear contacts, they change their blue eyes to green, others to brown. I think its pretty cool to wear them on occasion. One would also see awesome contacts in horror or sci-fi films. There is this one company that hand paints contact lenses for ordinary and for theatrical use.

FXEyes theatrical lenses are hand painted by in-house by FX artists. Every detail counts and they want that to show their quality products. They even have a tool wherein you can try them virtually.

Click Here to try it out.

The lenses are high-quality hand-painted designs made to cover the darkest of eyes.  Complete your costumes or be the center of attention wherever you go.  They also offer custom designs or you can send in any design and they will make it for you. Lenses are painted to edge (14.5mm), if you need them to be natural size and additional $30.00 for a iris size of 12.5mm. Make a note under special instructions on the Order form. Make your lenses your way customize. Available Diameter’s-  14.5, 16.0, 18.0, 20.0 (Price change’s if you change diameter size, For prescription only).

They also create natural lenses. The best Natural Hand Painted Lenses in the industry. Look At the Icy Green Lens in the video below. It show’s a very natural color and detail. Every line is hand painted and different shades of the same color are added to create natural layers for a 3D look witch gives us the natural look of a iris.