You’ve Never Seen Carpet Like This Before!

What would you do if you had some tiny toy army men, some plastic forks and a few boxes of band-aids that you didn’t need anymore? Would you throw them in the garbage? Would you recycle them? Would you give them away? Perhaps if you were in a creative mood, you might make something with them, right?

That’s exactly what the design trio of Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vieuten and Bob Waardenburg do. To be more specific, they create carpets (like throw rugs) from mundane objects. Of course, these are only art installations. They aren’t the kind of cozy carpets you’d want to lay on the floor to step on in the morning. Why carpets? Good question. I have no idea. These three designers opened a company called We Make Carpets, and their website is full of visual inspiration.

They have fun creating these without making a sketch or a plan before getting started. Instead, they let the shape of the material determine the symmetry, and they place each piece one by one until the carpet is completed. Of course, each one is temporary, which is kind of sad to me since they are so fabulous and time consuming. As you will see below, these carpets are made from pasta, army men, plastic forks, cups of coffee, band-aids, forest stuff (like seeds and pine cones), cotton cleaning supplies (like swabs and pads) and bricks.  You can check out their website for more designs.  Fascinating!


Toy Army Men

Cups of Coffee

Plastic Forks


Stuff Collected from the Forest (seeds, pine cones, etc…)

Cleaning Supplies (like swabs and pads)


[via Yatzer]