Creative Inspiration: The Toy Army Men With A Message

I’ve played with toy army men for as long as I can remember. The army men they sell these days are a lot different from when I was young. Now you can get fancy army men that snap together into a team, kind of like Lego blocks. But, my favorite ones will always be the old-fashioned, 2-inch tall green soldiers that you can get at almost any store for super cheap. They look like the army men in the movie Toy Story.

Have you ever thought about using army men for something other than playing army? Well, how is this for some creative and artistic inspiration? Designer Adam Katz is currently getting his Masters degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The students there are working on a project called “Things I Have Learned In My Life.” Their professor asked them to create a typography solution to a lesson they had learned at some point in their life.

My guess would be that most students created a sign of some sort, probably with some interesting typography. Adam decided to do something a little different, actually, a lot different. He spray painted 1,500 green army men a reddish-orange color and then attached them to the outside window of a store right in New York City. Of course, since the assignment was to create a typography solution, the army men share a message. I’m curious as to what lesson Adam learned in his life that corresponds to these words. It’s all so detailed, so simple and so brilliant. Great job Adam!

Toy Army Men Art Installation

Army Men On A Window

Toy Army Men Art Installation

Toy Army Men Art Installation

Red Painted Toy Army Men

Image Credit: [My Modern Met]