You Have Never Seen Sneakers Used Like This…

Sneakers… they are the shoes that took the world by storm and still stand as the champion of all shoes. Every year people invest in at least one pair to grace their feet while they are doing their everyday chores. There are everything from running shoes to casual Friday sneakers. If I were to categorize all the kinds of sneakers available to us, this post wouldn’t even fit on the hard drive this website is hosted on. But, as always, I am not here to tell you how awesome ordinary sneakers are. I am, of course, going to tell you about the oddities of sneakers that you have never heard of. That’s what we do here at Bit Rebels.

I don’t think I have ever been so mesmerized by art like I was when I saw the creations from Mita Shiniti. It’s unearthly, and when I look at it, I get a freaky feeling and visualize the makings of a horror movie. It’s astounding how much time Mita must have put into creating these pieces of art. What’s even more amazing is the number of shoes that must have been used to appropriate these creations.

I wish I could have gone to this exhibition to check these things out in real life. However, looking at them in pictures doesn’t exactly do it injustice either. What boggles my mind is the thought of what triggers a brilliant creativity burst and idea like this in the first place. Simply stunning! So, can you discover how many shoes were used to create these things?

Image Credit: [Zach Pierce]