Your Future Underwater House – Design Inspiration

Could you imagine living underwater in a self-sustained pod? I think the idea sounds intriguing, but I bet in real life, it would get old quick. After all, there wouldn’t be any restaurants or nail salons down there, right? :)

Seriously though, this design is very inspiring to me. We’ve written about unusual living structures before on Bit Rebels. For example, there was article about The Container City and another one about a Fascinating Doomsday Bunker. It’s always interesting to see what creative designers come up with for new and innovative ways for us to live our lives.

This underwater city design, created by designer Phil Pauley from the UK, is a completely self-sustained underwater habitat. As you see in the pictures below, it is a central biome surrounded by eight smaller biomes. This entire system, called Sub Biosphere 2, can float on top of the water or travel along the ocean floor; whichever might be necessary in any given situation. Not only can people live inside the biomes, they can even grow food. Wow, this is so cool. You can read more about the details in this article on Inhabitat.