Zelda Art Like You’ve Always Wanted It To Look!

Wow, it just took me about one second to fall in love with the Zelda game series once again. I finished the first game in the first 36 hours after it was released (or at least after I bought it). I have never been so addicted to a game series (except Myst, Eve-Online and World of Warcraft). The mood and sense of achievement in that game was just off the charts, and I couldn’t put down the controller for one second. I just had to know what would come next. It was certainly one of those memorable moments in life… for a geek that is!

I recently came across the awesome artwork of talented Ryan Shiu who’s love for Ry and the game series is beyond inspirational. If there could only be a comic done by this guy, I would cling to the subscription in a minute. The mood is totally captured, and you can sense that strong Zelda feel all over the art strokes. It’s genius really.

Since my beloved Nintendo NES was sold (banging my head against the wall), I have always wanted to feel that great retro feel all over again. Of course, in a new sense of gaming, but I have never had the energy or the time to go buy the new Nintendo console. I am sure if I had the opportunity, it would consume way too much time and the people here at Bit Rebels would probably kick my butt over and over for not paying more attention to what needs to be done. Well, as long as I can view these brilliant works of art I am more than satisfied. The memories…