Zero Footprint Shirts Made From Leaves

We write a lot on this site about ways we can conserve our natural resources and help the environment. Our beautiful earth is such a precious gift to us all, and sometimes I think we take that for granted.

Even though it benefits everyone when we are environmentally conscious, there are times, like with everything else, when it seems kind of silly to go to extremes. These shirts are, in my opinion, an example of that.

I get it that they are “zero footprint” shirts, but c’mon. They make me giggle more than anything else. Perhaps the designer, Dave Rittinger, wasn’t actually serious when he created these. Either way, they are very fun to look at. I think if I wore one of these shirts, it would make me feel like I was camping or out in the woods while I wore it in my office. I kinda like that! These shirts are created from leaves and glue, nothing more. Dave wove each shirt together himself, and then used the glue to keep everything in place. I can only imagine the time it took to make each one! One thing is for sure; he did a fantastic job choosing the leaves he used. The colors are spectacular, just don’t stand too close to the campfire. :) Thank you for the creative inspiration Dave!

[via Small Tok Magazine]