10 Odd Insured Celebrity Body Parts (Including Legs Worth A Billion)

Celebrities live very different lives than the rest of us, and that goes far beyond the big houses and fancy clothes. It also includes taking insurance out on their moneymaking body parts. Celebrity body part insurance, or in this case, extreme celebrity body part insurance, is more common than you may think. So what body parts do celebs insure for big bucks? Their most famous assets of course!

Lets take legs for example. How much do you think a stunning pair of legs would be insured for? According to a 2009 article in The Gawno Magazine (these numbers are probably higher now), Rihanna has her legs insured for a cool million dollars. Even though that sounds like a lot, Heidi Klum insured her legs for 2.2 million dollars. Her left leg has a small scar on it from where she fell on a glass, so her right leg is worth more.

Tina Turner’s legs are apparently worth over 3.2 million. There was a rumor a while back that her legs were intentionally burned to collect the money, but of course that wasn’t true. Soccer star David Beckham’s legs are valued at over 70 million. The celebrity with the highest valued legs is Mariah Carey. Her famous legs are insured for a value of 1 billion dollars.

Insured celebrity body parts include many things that are more unexpected than just legs. These include a mustache, breasts, taste buds (for a food critic), chest hair and even teeth. This infographic says that Jennifer Lopez’s famous bum is insured for 27 million, but I read another source that said it’s insured for 300 million. Maybe she upgraded her insurance policy.

Keith Richards even insured his middle finger (which he uses for guitar strumming) for 1.6 million dollars. Of all the celebrity body parts that are insured, the strangest is probably David Lee Roth who insured his penis for 1 million bucks. That was back in the ’70s, so I’m sure that would be much more today. Around that same time, Alex Van Halen insured his eyebrows. Go figure. [Infographic by Beardsells Personal Injury]

Insured Celebrity Body Parts

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