3 Games I Love to Play On Facebook

Facebook has grown a lot over the years and aside from updating your status or uploading pictures or adding new friends there are 5 games that i play  on Facebook.  My favorite is Yo Ville so its no. 1 here on the list.  Here  you create a character and live in a village called  YO hence Yo-Ville.  You earn coins by working in a factory and by visiting your friends and interacting with them.  When you have earned enough coins you then shop for a house, you decorate your house with furniture you buy from their different stores. You can also change your character’s outfits.  Mind you, you will need lots of coins to also buy food and gifts for your friends. You can also get pets at the pet store.  They have added so many features now like buy music at the music store, or now your character can actually sit and lie down on the furniture you bought.  It’s quiet addicting.  You can also chat with your Facebook friends who have added the application.

facebookgames1 Pet Society – Is another fun role playing game.  if you love pets then this is the game for you.  Here one can customize his or her own pet character.  You will have the chance to create your own.  A cat, a dog and even never heard of animals.  The aim is to be creative when playing with the character as you create them.  You will also have a house with rooms that you can decorate as you please.  Buy them at the store with coins that you have earned  by visiting your friends and playing with them.  You can also take pictures  as they have added a camera as a tool.  its a virtual world where you can practice taking care of a pet.  You got to bathe, feed, comb and play games with the pet.

facebookgame2 Restaurant City –  here is another fun game one can play on facebook.  Here you will learn to manage your own restaurant.  You will be given a standard room where you can decorate and pick the menu.  You also need to hire your friends to work in your restaurant.  They will either be your Chef, your Waiter and Your cleaner.  Ones you have set up your restaurant people will start coming in and ordering food.  The challenge is to make sure that you serve them on time and you also make sure that the place is clean and that you also take care of your crew.  Feed them, dress them, the works.  The higher the level you go the more stuff you can unlock.

The most fun is the way you will have to be creative in making your place and menu interesting.

Of course, there are so many games you can play, there is poker, Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, Farmville, Pillow fight, SuperPoke.  It all depends on how you want to engage your friends and the level of fun and challenge you want.  So if you are on facebook go ahead and explore.  Or leave a comment and tell me what your favorite game is on FaceBook.