40 Harrison Ford Faces Illustrated

Have you seen the new Harrison Ford movie Cowboys & Aliens yet? I haven’t. Apparently, the story goes something like this… In 1873, a spaceship arrives in Arizona with aliens who want to take over the earth. They decide to start by conquering the Wild West region, which is where they find a feisty group of cowboys they try to defeat.

I normally love Harrison Ford movies, but for some reason, I’m just not super pumped about seeing this one. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about it. However, this newest movie does signify one major milestone for Harrison Ford. It is officially his 40th movie. I grew up watching Harrison Ford movies, and films like Witness, The Fugitive, Blade Runner and Working Girl are in my massive collection. Of course, nothing will ever beat Harrison as Han Solo, who has become an icon etched in our minds forever.

To celebrate Harrison’s 40th film, illustrator Chip Zdarsky (for National Post), created Forty Fords. This little chart shows a picture of Harrison Ford in each one of his movies. The journey begins with A Time For Killing in 1967 and goes all the way to his newest movie where he plays Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde. Can you guess all of these from looking at the illustrations? I didn’t realize there were so many Harrison Ford movies I’d never seen. You can click over the National Post to get the answers.

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Harrison Ford 40 Face Portraits

Via: [The Daily Wh.at]