The Magnificent 7 – Different Types Of PUBG Players

The aim, position, tactical prowess, and the intangible killer instinct—these are all characteristics that every PUBG player must possess. How well you employ in-game skills will determine your success rate in the game. Over time, it’s natural for players to develop a style of play. Whether or not these styles indeed prove to be successful is up for debate.

Each PUBG player brings a different feel to the table. What works for me may not necessarily work for another person. What I do know is that the vast disparity in styles makes for a fun dynamic in PUBG. It gives the game a certain level of unpredictability so that you approach shootouts differently every single time. These are the seven types of PUBG players according to us.

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1. The Newbie (a.k.a. Mother May I?)

Should you be unlucky—or witless—enough to get killed by the Newb, then you might want to reboot your PC (or console) and re-think your life. Barring blind luck, there’s no way any reasonably-skilled gamer should be done in by someone who hasn’t even logged in more than an hour in PUBG.

Known Strengths: Blind Luck, Parents’ Credit Card.

Known Weaknesses: He’s an all-around klutz. An early bedtime is what usually does him in.

2. The Acrobat (a.k.a. Jumping Jack Flash)

The acrobat is more like a kangaroo that’s been let loose. He’s wild, and he’s erratic. You see him jumping and flailing all over the place, trying to dodge the bullets in a flurry of herky-jerky moves whenever engaged in a firefight.

Known Strengths: Unpredictability—you never know which way he’s going to move.

Known Weaknesses: Unpredictability—even he doesn’t know which way he’s going.

3. The Master Tactician (a.k.a. Smooth Operator)

The Master Tactician is always calm and calculating.They assess the situation before blindly leaping into the fray. If the Acrobat is impulsive, the Smooth Operator is the opposite. Often, his strategy is so suave that other players will leave most of the killing for him.

Known Strengths: Highly strategic—he knows what your moves are two steps in advance.

Known Weaknesses: Over-analyzing—sometimes, he lacks the spontaneity to just go for it.

4. The Phantom (a.k.a. “Where’d This Guy Come From?”)

This player’s more like a ninja. No one knows where he came from and no one knows where he’ll turn up next. He blends well with his surroundings. Often, he’ll jump at you from seemingly out of nowhere and spray you with a hail of unrelenting bullets.

Known Strengths: Shadow moves—he’ll catch you off guard.

Known Weaknesses: Vulnerable to counterattack from other players once locked onto his prey.

5. The Professional (a.k.a. The Natural)

This player naturally possesses the reflexes, spatial awareness, and mechanical skills to kill off everyone and their mother on PUBG. Chances are you’re already dead center in their crosshairs as you read this. Think Stallone x Schwarzenegger x Norris. They are that good.

Known Strengths: Everything you need to win the game.

Known Weaknesses: None! This guy’s the boss of all bosses in PUBG—pray you don’t cross his path.

6. The Hoarder (a.k.a. The Greedy Fly)

The Hoarder will scrap, scurry, and scrounge for loose change and PUBG accessories in the immediate vicinity. This PUBG player will eke his way through the game. He has absolutely no pride whatsoever and will do whatever is necessary to make a living—or killing.

Known Strengths: Resourceful, creative, and willing to get his hands dirty.

Known Weaknesses: The hoarder will gamble anything for random PUBG accessories — you can easily pick this player off from a distance as he scurries from house to house, looking for loot.

7. The Wimp (a.k.a. The Happy Camper)

This little rascal will sit in one corner and pray to the PUBG Gods for everyone else to kill each other before gathering up the courage to come out of his shell. Whether he gets shot in the head right as he steps out of the door or he somehow manages to whack someone silly with a frying pan is anyone’s guess.

Known Strengths: Patience—He’ll wait it out until your patience runs out.

Known Weaknesses: Lack of experience—This camper is too caught up in his hiding place that he usually lacks the reflexes to compensate for surprise attacks.

While there are more play styles that I didn’t cover, these are the ones that are most prominent in the PUBG world. There are, of course, hybrids of different styles. Each player style gives PUBG the fun and dynamic feel that makes it an enjoyable game—even after hours of gameplay. Which type of player are you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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