8 Cool Experiences You Should Not Miss Out On While In Vegas

Traveling to Las Vegas is an exercise in the unforgettable. The town has long offered some of the most unique and memorable experiences in the world. Whether you are an old pro at taking Vegas trips or a first-timer, you will always be able to find a new and exciting experience that will become imprinted on your memory bank. There is so much to see and do in Sin City it can be hard what to take in first. To help guide you in the best directions, here are 8 cool experiences you should NOT miss out on while in Vegas.

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A Vegas Show

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world for good reason. Performers, musicians, actors, and artists flock to the desert mecca to put on some of the greatest shows the world has ever seen. Gamblers Daily Digest has a great list of the top shows happening in Vegas right now. There are plenty of modern shows that you definitely will not be disappointed in.

Hitting the Jabbawockeez dance crew show of the new Magic Mike LIVE will be something you won’t soon forget. However, the old-school shows that have been wowing audiences for years are still the most recommended. Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield, or the Blue Man Group are all still crowd-pleasers and must-see Vegas shows.

The One-Armed Bandit

You can play poker or blackjack at your kitchen table. When you come to Las Vegas, you need to sit at the famous slot machines for a while and try your luck at winning the big jackpots they offer. Weekly Slots News has a bunch of great tips and tricks on how to play the slots, where to play, and how to increase your chances of winning big. There are over 160,000 slot machines in 40 locations on the strip alone so you should never have a problem finding one.

The World Series Experience

Play some poker at one of the local casinos and feel like you are in the World Series of Poker. You do not have to be in Las Vegas during the WSOP (held in May/June) to pretend you are a famous poker player vying for one of the prestigious WSOP championship bracelets. Any good poker room will give you that feeling with interesting characters sitting in every seat.

You can fold, bluff, and call your way into big money or losing it all. No-limit Texas hold ‘em is the best place to start with Vegas poker. It is the game the pros usually play on TV and, even if you are a beginner, it is easy to pick up. You can read up on it in Gambling News Magazine which has a “definitive guide” to the game.

A World-Class Meal

Some of the greatest restaurants in the world can be found in Las Vegas. Well-respected celebrity chefs from all backgrounds come to America’s playground to open their 5-star restaurants. Chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Tom Colicchio, Jose Andres, Richard Blais, Gina Marinelli, and more have eateries on the strip. No matter where you stay, chances are one of the best restaurants in Vegas is very close nearby and should be visited for an unforgettable meal.

Hit A Day-Time Pool Party

Vegas is known for its nightlife but, just because the sun is up, does not mean the party has to stop. Nowadays, Vegas has become known for its all-day pool parties where the drinks flow, the music bumps, and fun in the sun reigns. Ana Marquez from Online Casino Gems says, “When I used to have friends visit from out of town, all they wanted to do was go clubbing.

Now, they all want to know where the hottest pool party is as soon as they get off the plane!” Wet Republic, Drai’s Beachclub, Tao Beach, and Kaos, are among the hottest of these day club pool parties on the strip right now.

Escape A Room

Casinos are designed to keep you “trapped” inside. Now though, there are rooms specially designed to do just that while you try to escape. Escape Rooms are a hugely popular trend all over the country and Las Vegas Escape Rooms are, of course, bigger and better than almost any others around. There is a room called The Basement with live actors and Vegas is also home of the official Saw Escape Room for fans of the horror franchise.

Catch A Residency

Taking up a residency in Las Vegas was once a sure sign that a singer or musical act was on the wrong side of the hill and cruising towards retirement. Today, that could not be further from the truth. Musicians like Britney Spears, Elton John, and Mariah Carey have made it cool again for big acts to take up residencies at a hotel and casino venue.

In the coming year, huge acts like Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Cardi B, and Drake, just to name a few, have Vegas residencies coming. It is an incredibly unique way to see some of the biggest names in the music industry.

The Neon Museum

Outside of Times Square, the Las Vegas strip is probably home to the most famous neon lights in the world. To check out the history of these brightly lit marquees, visit the Neon Museum next time you are in Vegas.

The tour through the museum is accompanied by period music to give you a feel for the history of the city and how cool it has been through the years. Right now, you can check out a very special exhibit here too, Lost Vegas, which is an exhibition of director Tim Burton’s original art.


There is so much to do in Las Vegas it, like the city itself, can seem overwhelming at times. The important part is that you make sure you experience the most distinctive and notable experiences Vegas has to offer. To have the best experience, tailor your trip to your personal tastes and interests but, in the process, make sure you try some of these super cool Vegas experiences.

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