8 Online Applications For Your Listening Pleasure

If you are like me and you like working with music either blasting via your headphones or speakers while you are online, then you might like the applications that I will be sharing with you today. Music is something of a staple for most of the creatives I know. It truly does inspire and clear our minds. It also helps us to zone out of the everyday buzz and noise that we often want to filter out when we need to think and work. Most of the time we whip out our iPods or MP3 players and play the songs that are already in our library, but there are times, of course, that we just want to listen to new or old songs that are not in our collection.

There are days when you want to play music from different genres just to put you in the mood! Good thing that there are a lot of options now that you can choose from to make that happen. You can even listen to music that your peers have recommended or listen to your friends and family’s choices. Here are some cool online music sites that you can check out for your listening pleasure.

1.  Blip.fm – Be the DJ of your own station and share your music with friends on Twitter.

2. Grooveshark – Your internet Radio.

3. TubeRadio.fm – TubeRadio.fm is a web application that looks and feels like a music player where users can quickly find, listen to, build, and share playlists of their favorite artists music. Since TubeRadio is based on the music library of Youtbue, it makes it easy to find just about any songs you want – millions of them.

4. Feedr.fm – Feeder.fm has an easy way to share music by posting it directly to Facebook. Just enter a search term and click on the search button. Once you find the song you want to publish, just click Feed It!

5. Muezer – Open a Web browser, type a song name, and have that song start playing immediately.

6. Listento.fm – This site allows you to share music or videos found around the web on Twitter. Submit an MP3 file you’ve found on the web or a YouTube/IMEEM links to your favorite content. Listento.fm tool will generate a short link media page for you using your twitter page design and you’ll be able to tweet it to your followers and they can play the media right on their browser. You don’t need to give away your Twitter password.

7. Mugasha – This site makes it really easy to listen to Electronic Music podcasts and long sets from world famous DJs. Mugasha’s mission is to help artists build stronger brands and monetize on their art in new ways.

8. MixCloud – MixCloud is an innovative new website that helps DJs distribute and promote their mixes and radio shows more effectively, while helping fans easily discover relevant DJs and content.

Main Image Source : Music Please