9 Tips To Become A Pro League Of Legends Player

Becoming a pro League of Legends player is no easy task but not completely impossible. If you are willing to put effort and time, you can master many of the techniques pro gamers use and keep up with their strategies.

Given below are some tips to become a pro League of Legends player.

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1. Hire A Coach

League of Legends coaches are pro players and highly skilled so they will definitely help you improve your skills in a short period of time.

If you are serious about becoming a pro player, hiring a coach should definitely be on your list. The coach will review your gameplay and give you constructive criticism regarding your gaming approach.

You can easily find LoL coaching services online and some of them even offer coaching trials so you can decide if it is worth it.

2. Get Good Quality Equipment

If you are using a keyboard with keys that respond poorly, or a mouse with a poor sensor, it will affect your gameplay. Good quality equipment will help you track your movements well and this is very important since LoL is very fast paced.

Purchase a gaming mouse which has durable mechanical buttons along with a good grip and ergonomic design. Mechanical keyboards are also recommended for LoL players.

3. Elo Boosting

In Elo boosting, low ranked players pay high ranked players to play matches for them in their place. This helps the low ranked player to move to higher levels and thus boosts their account.

According to EloBoostLeague.com, more than 15,000 players have used their League of Legends boosting service to increase their ranks. That’s quite a number. The price starts at 3€ and varies depending on the type of boosting you opt for.

4. Improve Your Solo Rank

A good solo rank will increase your chances of being picked by a team. Work on improving your gameplay by being consistent and not getting caught up in your mistakes.

Review your gameplay and try to figure out how you can come up with better strategies for the next one. Doing this consistently will help you improve your solo rank.

5. Watch Professional Gamers

Watching other pro LoL players can help you way more than you realize. You analyze and emulate their performance which works well for skill intensive games like LoL. You can also pick up some useful macro and micro tips from them.

Observe how pro players execute their tower dives and macro play. This being said, it is much easier to learn from pro players if you are a well ranked player yourself.

6. Practice Team Play And Networking

Working with other players in a team will help you improve communication and teach you to handle pressure. Proper communication will help your team to coordinate and play to their strengths.

Practice networking on social media and associate with other players. This can also help you come in contact with players in your local area.

7. Compete In Local Tournaments

Tournament experiences will definitely boost your chances of being picked up by a team. Try to register for local tournaments which are happening in your area. This will help you gain experience and help improve your skills. You will also learn how to work better in a team.

In 2019, a player named Bugha competed in the Fortnite World Cup Championship and won $3 million. A handsome reward at a mere age of 16. That’s why if you get better in any game, whether LoL or others, compete in tournaments. You have nothing to lose.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

This is a very straightforward tip. No player can expect to improve their rank or get better at the game if they don’t practice consistently. Rather than playing continuously for a long stretch, play in sets. This will also help you to focus better.

9. Educate Yourself About The Game And Keep Up With Updates

Educating yourself about LoL will help you figure it out better and apply the best techniques. New LoL patches come out every two to three weeks so you have to be up to date with them if you want to try them as soon as they are released.


Remember that nobody becomes a pro player overnight. It will definitely take time, but if you stay consistent and learn to adapt your strategies to the game, you can achieve it sooner than you think.

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