An Aquarium and Amusement Park on FaceBook?!

Seems like there is no stopping people enjoying games so much on Facebook that after the success of Cafe world and Farmville, now there are two  new games available.  The first one is Fishville that launched recently and now has over 7,888,891 monthly active users (at time of post).  Fishville is an addictive game where you raise cute baby fish, feed them as they grow, and decorate your fish tanks with friends!  The game is quiet simple they give you an aquarium and some coins, you start buying baby fish eggs then help them grow by feeding them and taking care of the tank.  If you don’t feed them they die, just like the real aquarium IRL.

The bigger the fish, the more you earn and get the chance to buy the bigger fish available as well as the stuff you can decorate your tank with.  It is very social as you can gift your friends with tank decorations or clean their tanks when they are away.

rollerThe other game is Roller Coaster Kingdom a game where you compete against your friends to build the world’s greatest theme park!  Came out earlier than FishVille with 15,339,748 monthly active users.  Here the game centers on more like a competition among you and your friends. You earn coins by booking tours to your amusement park.  You can hire your friends to work for you.  Both games are fun to play but seems to lack the interactivity as that of Cafe’World.

If you like games why not try it out? But this goes without warning, they can be really addictive.