An Unusual Remix: Star Wars and Ben Affleck’s The Town

You know by now how much we all love Star Wars here. Even though I have spent countless hours watching those movies over and over again, it still blows me away when I see the amount of time some true Star Wars geeks spend on their Star Wars creations. This is a perfect example of that.

As many of you know, about a week ago, the movie “The Town” directed by and starring Ben Affleck was released. It was then that YouTube user iwantmyTVNOW got his creative idea.

In what must have taken countless hours, he used his mad editing skills to sync up the audio in scenes from “Star Wars” so they would match Ben Affleck’s movie “The Town.” This guy is getting a lot of flack on the Internet, but I think it’s a pretty good little remix! Nice job!

[via nerd approved]