Anonymity In Casinos – Can You Trust It?

Ever since online casinos gained popularity there has been the question of how safe and trustworthy their services are. At a first glance, all online casinos look similar: they all have games, all offer different payment methods, and all offer some sort of promotions.

If you’ve been a gambler long enough or at least if you’ve read some blogs and forums, you probably noticed that the most sought after casino quality is whether the casino actually pays out your winnings does it in time and doesn’t try to trick you into getting less than you deserve.

But to know whether that’s true for a casino you have in mind, you first have to sign up, deposit, play, and only then can you try withdrawing and see how it goes. But is there anything else you can do yourself before leaving your money with the casino? – Actually, yes.

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The KYC Process

Which information the casino requires from you is known as the KYC or the ‘know your customer’ process. It includes all and any of your personal information you are required to give: e-mail, first and last name, gender, date of birth, address, phone number, …

We’ve grown so used to the signing up process that we usually just do it and then forget about it. But it’s the signup process that can tell us a lot about the person or company on ‘the other side’ of your screen.

When you go through a few different online casinos, you will see that their approach towards your anonymity is not the same. Most online casinos will require pretty much all information mentioned above. But crypto casinos, where anonymity is more pronounced due to the anonymous and yet transparent blockchain technology, will often require only an e-mail and a password. Or at least that’s what they will tell you.

Some crypto casinos will try to trick you and make a first impression of requiring only your e-mail, presenting themselves to you as fast, reliable and respectful towards your anonymity. You will sign up, look around their lobby, see the games they have, check out their bonuses and if you like what you see, you will decide to deposit only to find out that in order to do so, you must provide them with a bunch more of your personal information.

If anonymity really is very important to you, you will close their site and go elsewhere but more often than not players will ‘give in’ and fill in the information thinking ‘I’ve come this far, I might as well try it all the way.’

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Best Crypto Casino Are Anonymous

Crypto casinos that put players first are safe and reliable, will make you feel that way the first time you come to their site and even later won’t change their approach towards you.

They will ask you for your e-mail address, require you to accept their terms of service, and then let you play. If you manage to find a reputable anonymous crypto casino, you will see that they respect your anonymity.

However, it is fair to point out that complete anonymity isn’t always an option and that shouldn’t be blamed on the casino. There is an exception that applies to all casinos.

The Exception

Every player should know that there is a possibility that a casino will require more than just an e-mail. And that goes for ANY casino. For all ‘normal’ gambling, your e-mail will suffice, but in case you win big or hit a jackpot, the casino will have to run an additional KYC process.

It’s not something designed to fool you and get more of your personal information but rather a legal requirement on behalf of the casino. You see, there are companies behind casinos, just like behind any other online establishment, and companies are required to provide exact information where their money went in an event of an audit, for example.


Anonymity is an important aspect of online gambling, especially for gambling with cryptocurrencies. Do your research before trusting your coins to a casino and don’t settle for good when you can get the best.

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