Apex Legends Most Preferable Characters

Apex Legends stands out from the rest of the Battle Royale games with the cast of its characters. These characters are completely different from the rest because of their abilities to their written emotional state. Therefore, it leaves room for some of the legends to stand out from the rest.

The best thing about Apex Legends is that overall, the majority of the characters are pretty well even. There might be some standouts, and you will find some characters on the weaker side, but the fact is that some characters are better suited for certain playstyles.

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List Of Most Preferable Characters Of Apex Legends


Bloodhound is at the top of the list, as this hooded German scientist is the best tracker around. With the help of the Passive Tracker ability, you may find several clues that the enemies have been to the location you visit. There is also a tactic move that helps you see the enemies, their traps, & clues through the structures in front of you.

The Bloodhound’s Ultimate move transforms him into the ultimate hunter, showing the cold tracks and thus allowing faster movement for a short period. During the last rounds of the match, Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather offers you the real edge to target the enemies quickly because you can ping the exact location to your teammates.


In the later stages of the match, the passive skill of Lifeline is very useful. She can revive the teammates faster with the shield that protects her while she does all this. Lifeline is undoubtedly among the strongest candidates on the list of best characters.

In a Battle Royale match, a medic can surely swing the odds in your favor quickly because she can heal herself and the squadmates faster than any other character. Another tactical advantage is the Care Package that can prove very useful at any stage of the match.


The happy-go-lucky robot legend Pathfinder can be very helpful with forwarding planning in a match. Pathfinder’s passive skills involve determining the next location of the ring, while his Tactical move is the Grappling Hook, which can help you get out of the tight spot quickly.

Pathfinder would be great for players who don’t have much experience with the shooters or who feel that PvP gameplay may be a little overwhelming. The players can also use pathfinder to create zip lines to quickly move the squad around the map, nip ahead to take out the enemies who are spotted away, and use the vantage points to guide the teammates to safe locations.


Bangalore is ideally one of the strongest candidates for the main and is your soldier class Legend. With her passive move, you can sprint faster when under fire, and her Smoke Launcher Tactical move lets you fire a smoke canister that tends to explode into the smoke wall on impact.

Rolling Thunder is Bangalore’s Ultimate move, where you can call an artillery strike that rolls slowly across the map. Bangalore can fit easily into the playstyle of those who have a wealth of FPS experience. With the devastating map attack, mixing the fast movement can easily come to the players who are used to direct the UAVs to bomb the locations in other FPS titles.


This giant rock of a man can be very hard to put down, whereas his Passive move offers a gun shield when aiming the down sights. The Tactical move, on the other hand, is the dome shield that blocks the attacks for 15 seconds. For those having a passion for the FPS titles, Gibraltar is a firm favorite of them.

Gibraltar’s offensive and defensive abilities mean that one doesn’t need to hide in the corner of the room just waiting to be found by the other squad. For those who prefer a more ballsy approach to the shooters than the traditional duck-and-cover method, Gibraltar is the ideal Legend for them.


Wraith is quite handy in Battle Royale and is portrayed as a troubled soul who can create rifts in space and time while nipping through them. The ethereal voice is her Passive move which warns you if any danger is approaching, and with the Tactical move, you can retreat into the Void to avoid any danger.

Dimensional Rift is her Ultimate move that lets you link two locations with the portals for 1 minute. Wraith is a great contender for the top spot, as with her moves, one can escape trouble quickly and let you line up the portals for a surprise attack on another enemy group.


Caustic is among the Legends that you can unlock with the Apex Legend’s in-game currency, either by earning the Legend coins or your own money. The Passive moves offer you the threat vision on enemies while moving through gas, and with Nos Gastrap, you can place six canisters that can explode when triggered or shot by the opponents.

With his Ultimate move, you can cover the larger area in Nox Gas. Both the Gastrap and Nox Gas Grenade have obvious benefits, both as defensive and offensive moves. The canisters damage the enemies, and the gas makes it impossible for the opponents to see, while the Passive move can be used to hone in on the enemies.


Mirage is also an unlockable legend in the list. The Passive move involves cloaking for five seconds when knocked down and dropping a decoy, whereas the Tactical move involves sending out the decoy for some time to confuse the enemy.

With the Vanishing act, you can use a decoy to your advantage, and much like Wraith, the Mirage’s moves must help you out of the pickle quickly. Deploying a decoy can be a game-changing move because it can be difficult for opponents to work out the real Mirage.


There is a roster of legends to choose from when you are playing Apex Legends, and each of these characters or legends has their class and special moves. There is a passive, ultimate, and tactical move that you can use to your advantage, while all of these complement each other well, and it pays to get tactical when you choose a character.

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