BattleForge – EA’s Beautiful Card based RTS.

Yes its out, and in true bitrebels fashion, it meets a important requirement:  you can play it for free!  You can download a free version, which is extremely detailed, and play online and experience the true uniqueness of this game.  I have to say it is awesome too.

I do like RTS games, although they are not on the top of my list, but the way this works is really interesting.

Obviously its quite complex, you have battle cards which you use after you have collected resources that you find around the map.   Sounds like every other RTS eh?  Well you would be wrong, because you build a deck and collect cards, each of these cards has a special characters and ability which can be then used in battle.  You have to build the best deck to match what you think will best serve you in game.

Graphically its up there with Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 – its really pretty.

So all I can say is give it a go! Its just under 3gb to download but well worth it.