Be a DJ at the Hottest Club on FaceBook!

FaceBook is still growing in the number of users despite the controversy over their privacy policy. There are a lot of fun things you can do on the site. You can upload pictures, update your status, play with applications and of course, there is social gaming.

The majority of the people I know play a lot of FaceBook based social games, and why not? It helps them pass the time, and it teaches us strategies for growing a business, whether it be a farm, a restaurant or even a hotel. If you are a social gamer like me, I am sure you have played Farmville, Restaurant City, Hotel City, Social City, Cafe’ World, etc… The games are very addictive in the sense that you can either beat your friend’s score and level up, or you can just have the best looking house or restaurant in the virtual world. However, now there is a whole new game that is gaining a lot of popularity among the music lovers. To date, the game has 3,396,446 monthly active users (at time of post).

On Twitter you have… and now on FaceBook you have Night Club City. Now you can open your own hot spot in Nightclub City! Customize your nightclub with an assortment of decorative items, invite the hottest celebrities to boost your nightclub’s popularity and kick the jerks to the curb with your bouncer!

I love the way they have made sure that the graphics are well done, and the music choices are quite cool. Since it’s a new game, the selection is limited, but who knows, if it gains more popularity they may add to the already very cool collection. Everything is customizable including your character and your club. You can invite your friends to work with you in the club too, adding to the fun.

I have included a snap shot of the game interface. You can see the impressive graphics. So if you love gaming and you like music, try out this game! I can guarantee you hours of fun!