The Best Ak-47 Skins To Look Out For In 2023

Shooter games are very popular among gamers from all over the world. Especially in this context, it is worth noting the AK-47, which has become a truly iconic weapon.

Ak 47 skins cs go are especially popular, as among them, you can see a lot of interesting and colorful designs.

Simultaneously, skins are not only about individuality, but also about the potential to earn money. What skins of the legendary game should you look at right now in order to get not only a beautiful picture, but also a potentially good investment?

 Best AK-47 Skins Look 2023


Aquamarine Revenge

This skin is classified as a fairly expensive item. On this skin, the developers have applied black paint to the surface. On top of this background, you can see images of gray seaweed.

On other parts of the machine, such as the receiver, and the magazine, you can see green algae, as well as bright orange dolphins. If you look at the gas pipe and the gas chamber, there is green paint.

A few words about exteriors and prices.

  • From $86 for factory new.
  • From $47 for minimal wear.
  • From $25 for field-tested.
  • From $17 for well-worn.
  • From $14 for battle-scarred.

There may be some scratches on a Well-Worn exterior, however this doesn’t detract too much from the appearance of this skin.

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Point Disarray

Point Disarray is another of the more expensive legendary assault rifle skins. At the heart of the image, you can see a 3D drawing, which consists of white, blue, red, dark blue, and black paints.

Geometric shapes are created from these paints, which on the one hand is chaotic, but at the same time stylish.

If we talk about prices, then in FN exterior the skin costs from $22, in MW exterior from $13, in FT exterior from $8, in WW exterior from $9.50, and in BS exterior from $7.

On the Well-Worn exterior, you can see how scratches and significant paint abrasions form on some parts of the skin. However, this does not prevent the skin from being popular and, at the same time, a colorful element of the game.

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Redline is also not a cheap item, but the skin gained a lot of popularity a few years ago. From the name it is clear that the main element is the red lines that have been applied to some parts of the skin.

The basis of the entire skin is a black background. The red lines complete the brutal and elegant design.

This skin does not have a Factory New exterior. As Well-Worn, you can notice the lack of paint on the buttstock and ammo magazine, but this does not prevent the skin from looking quite impressive.

If we talk about the price, then in a Minimal Wear exterior the skin costs from $72.

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Hydroponic also belongs to the expensive skins of this machine. A very bright color can be seen on this skin—it is a very acidic green paint, which is impossible not to notice as a background.

On top of that, the developers have drawn a plant that blends with the main background of the skin.

The cost of this skin starts from $500, while a fn exterior starts from $2,000.

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Disclaimer: The above references an opinion of the author and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. Invest responsibly and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

 Best AK-47 Skins Look 2023


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