The Best Games To Play While Smoking Cannabis

Whether you’re consuming cannabis for the first time or you’re an experienced smoker, sometimes you’re just in the mood to relax and play video games. Some want to enjoy a traditional joint, while others like taking a hit from their favorite bong. If you haven’t found the perfect consumption device yet, then maybe you should try one of the dabbing rigs from Daily High Club’s selection.

However, not all games are suitable for playing while high, and in this blog post, we will outline some of the best games to play while high based on personal experience. Keep in mind that everyone has their unique preferences so these are merely recommendations. With that being said, if you’re not a fan of one of the games on our list, you’re free to substitute it with another game that is more suited to your liking, so keep reading and happy gaming.

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Everything is a popular simulation video game that allows the player to adopt various lifeforms and inanimate objects while exploring a world where they can find new things to take dominion over. The game has no clear goal except to occupy objects in the game.

This is a great game option to play when stoned because there are no rules, strategies, or guidelines. You can simply light up a joint and do whatever you want in the game without pressure. This game will pair well with a sativa because sativa is energizing, motivating, and induces creativity which you can channel while playing the game and exploring the simulated world.

Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption is a popular action-adventure game that forms part of a series. The storyline of the game follows an outlaw named Arthur in 1899 who is part of a gang in the Midwest. Arthur has to endure the decline of the wild west all while he tries to survive attacks from government forces, rival gangs, and other forms of adversity.

Players can roam freely in the open world and the gameplay includes shootouts, hunting, horseback riding, heists, and interacting with various non-player characters. Because of the action and adventure of this game, it’s best to enjoy it while high on sativa because you will benefit from the effects of this strain which include heightened energy. This heightened energy will complement the adventure of the game.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 forms part of a fantasy action series of role-playing games. The setting of this game is in a fantasy world based on Slavic mythology and players control a monster slayer named Geralt while he searches for his adopted daughter who happens to be on the run. When playing this game, players are required to battle the many dangers presented in the game using weapons as well as magic.

Players are also required to interact with non-player characters and also complete quests to gain points and gold which works to increase the power and ability of Geralt. This is another immersive game filled with adventure so a Sativa is best suited here.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure video game that is centered around survival after being stranded on an island that has dinosaurs roaming around as well as other prehistoric animals, hostile human players, and natural hazards.

This is another game of open-world navigation and players can use weapons such as firearms and other improvised weapons to defend their players. This game allows for multiplayer which makes it a great option for when your friends are around. If you want to get high while playing, the energy of a sativa is best suited for this action-adventure.


Hearthstone is an online digital card game. This game is a competition between two opponents and it uses a deck of 3 cards. This is not a typical card game though, each player gets to use things such as mana crystals which work to summon minions who will attack the opponent.

If you win matches or complete quests, you can win in-game gold and other rewards that come in the form of new cards. This is not an action-packed game so you can play while consuming a more relaxing indica. However, because card games require brainpower, a sativa would also be of great service here since it affects the brain.

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