Best Horror Movies On Netflix

Horror movies are not that appreciated. There we said it, and it is true indeed. Today the world has so engrossed themselves in chick flicks and rom-coms that they have forgotten about this genre altogether.

Or maybe because the horror movies back in the days were extremely scary, and some were even rumored to be cursed. A curse that killed numerous people on set, including the lead actors. But that is the past, and watching a movie will not kill you; just keep you awake at night or two, or maybe more.

The truth is, horror movies are subjective. People have their own perception of scary, and they may find something extremely disturbing while you can find that very movie moderately frightening. The thought of the unknown is what scares people the most, more than the film itself.

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Some of these titles are exclusively available on Netflix US, as it has the best library amongst them all. But with necessary tools like a VPN, you can Unblock American Netflix in Australia, Canada, across Europe, and all the neighboring countries.

So buckle up and add all the Netflix movies on your watchlist; pick a day to watch a few of these horror movies with your family. You can watch them all by yourself, but we don’t want you to get scared, so gather up and begin streaming!

Poltergeist (1982)

A classic horror movie, dating back to 1982. A happy family moves into their dream home, but soon the parents find themselves in severe distress as their children are under an attack by a poltergeist. The movie is supposedly cursed as two cast members and other crew members have died after the first movie release, including the two lead child stars in the first part of the film.

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

An American horror film starring Jake Gyllenhall, an art critic who comes across a recently discovered painting by an unknown artist. He soon turns to find out that these paintings hold supernatural abilities which ten to take revenge on those who try to let greed take over them and make a profit off of the paintings, and coming in the way of art.

Under The Shadow (2016)

Set in the war-ridden country of Iran in the 1980s. Shideh is trapped in a building hit by an apparently cursed missile. The curse is in the form of a demonic spirit trying to possess her daughter. She has to buckle up and protect both her and her daughter from the demons within and outside.

The Ritual (2017)

Four pals reunite after their friend’s death and plan to hike and camp out in the wilderness. Everything is going great until that one wrong turn that leads them into a mysterious place. Beneath that place lies an evil spirit sneaking upon them as they try to find their way back.

The Invitation (2015)

Not sure if jealousy takes the best of him or not, as Will is pretty convinced that his ex-wife and her new husband have something else planned for the guests as they host a dinner party for them. Is it sinister, or is he overthinking? Watch it yourself and find out.

The Evil Dead (1981)

Never snoop in on strange things and tapes. You never know when they can unleash an evil possession upon you and possess and kill all your friends while you remain the last man standing trying to survive. The movie is often mistaken for comedy because of a few humorous parts but does not mistake it for a funny movie. The Evil Dead is banned in alot of countries due to too much violence, gruesome activities, and blood.

Cam (2018)

Alice is a young girl with many secrets. Running a live cam show in her bedroom is one of them. But she is famous and gaining the recognition she wants, until one day. She is not alone. A doppelganger has taken over her accounts and locker her out. The same face with the exact same set, how is that possible? Who is the girl, and why is she doing this? Alice is determined to find out, despite the obstacles.

Hush (2016)

This one will probably give you the most chills. We all love some silence in our lives or to live in a solitary place, away from all the bustling city noises. But the directors of Hush took this up a little notch by portraying a deaf novelist, living in solitude all by herself, is attacked by someone. A man wants to kill her, and she has to protect herself and fight in silence. It really does sound super disturbing and almost impossible, so how does she manage to stay safe? Guess you’ll have to tune into Netflix to find that out.

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