You’ll Have The Best Time With These Multiplayer Games

Many of us love to game by ourselves, as it can definitely be satisfying to simply play a few levels of Call of Duty or take on the league in an NBA 2K tournament whenever we like, but the problem with playing solo is that, well, it’s never particularly memorable. You play the game, have a bit of fun, turn it off and forget about it. However, when you play with others, it’s more of an event. Even though it’s common to not actually see the people you’re playing with, as a lot of multiplayer gaming is done online nowadays, it’s possible to communicate via a headset or online chat and still have that communal gaming experience.

On the lookout for an awesome multiplayer game? Then look no further than these options.

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The game that never ends… there isn’t anything like Minecraft. Because the objective is essentially to mine for supplies and use those to create structures, Minecraft has no limitations. The sandbox title exploded in popularity when it became clear just how much fun you could have with playing on different Minecraft servers. Freedonia, for example, is the oldest Minecraft server in existence and still draws major crowds every day. The fun of playing Minecraft with friends or strangers alike is a rewarding experience, as the goal is often to work together to create things that couldn’t be done on your own. If you set up your own game server, that’s only one part – the other part is to make something truly incredible.


The Halo franchise has been around since 2001, and it’s not hard to see why this FPS classic has gone from strength to strength with every new title released. Stunning graphics, engaging levels, easy to use weapons and addictive and fluid gameplay are only a few reasons as to why Halo’s multiplayer has been one of the most popular options for gamers for over a decade. Although split-screen multiplayer wasn’t available in Halo 5 – much to the dismay of the dedicated fans – the rumor is that it will be back for the much anticipated Halo 6.

Mario Kart

Does Mario Kart really need an introduction? The famous Italian plumber and his gang of street racers have entertained gamers since 1992, with every new iteration being as wacky and outrageously fun as the last – not to mention inspiring some funny viral videos. One of the main reasons for Mario Kart’s success is in the way it feels so inclusive to those who aren’t hardcore gamers, as the bright colors and easy controls mean that even those who say they hate video games will always enjoy a few rounds of Mario Kart. Just be sure to avoid Rainbow Road!


The FIFA series has proven itself to be the de facto franchise when it comes to creating realistic yet still enjoyable football games. The graphics get better every year and new features are implemented, but the main thing that stays the same every time is the sheer competitiveness. Don’t expect a light, friendly game if you’re playing against someone else. FIFA games are definitely frustrating but if you’re playing as the winning team? Then it’s the greatest game in the world. If you’re playing as the losing team, then you’ll hate the game forever and ever. That is, until you pick up the controller the following day and demand a rematch.


Although the GTA franchise has commonly been known as a solo-player game, GTA Online has taken on an identity of its own. ‘The Doomsday Heist’ is the latest entry into the GTA Online realm, which lets you play with others around the world and simultaneously build up your own character’s stats. People flock to GTA Online for the pure unpredictability of it all, as no two gaming sessions will be the same. The franchise is extreme and bold, but that’s exactly why people come back again and again.

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