Bitcoin Casinos Are Preparing For The Charging Bull

There is a charging bull heading towards the Bitcoin market in the near future, some say that it is already here. After almost a year the bear seems to finally have gone into hibernation, leaving a trajectory of hope in its wake.

A $3,200 long-term bottom has allowed Bitcoin to surge and as such, several experts have established that a bullish trend is indeed firmly in place. Bitcoin trading is currently up almost 9% which is just below the highest price level measured so far in 2019 and even higher trajectories are anticipated.

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A key level has been broken and at a surge of $6,400, the experts seem to be right. As such, it is time for traders to start thinking about buying pullbacks. Another player that will most likely rise victorious from this latest surge is the Bitcoin online casinos. According to sites such as this positive trend will lead to a rise in coin offers and even more exposure than the cryptocurrency has enjoyed to date.

This newfound exposure, as well as the rise in price, have as such lead to an increase of gamblers joining the table at the Bitcoin online casinos, as may be evident by the increase in use of the Bitcoin slots on Will this then be a sustainable trend? Will the online casino business continue to earn its winnings by hitching a ride on the predicted bull market? 

Buckle Up And Hold On

2018 was not a favorable year for the Bitcoin market. The value of the coin dropped by over 80% and it saw many brokers caving under the pressure. The online casinos, however, did not.

They held steady, subsequently making sure that the cards were stacked, ready and waiting for when the market would turn. And turn it has. Leaving the online casinos ready to cash in on the winnings. It is the predictability of the very nature of the online casinos that makes all the difference.

As over 50% of the Bitcoin transactions that were made last year related to the casino industry, this in a recession, there is little doubt that the Bitcoin betting industry will continue to do well. Even though the online casino world is a heavily regulated business it seems to acclimate itself well to the decentralized structure of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Other favorable traits seem to be that it is far cheaper to trade at online casinos using Bitcoin instead of traditional currency and it seems to be far more accessible for gamblers to use cryptocurrency to circumvent certain domestic regulations when it comes to gambling online, adhering to Gambling Commissions instead.

The upcoming bull market will validate the currency, increase its value, add to the interest of the general public, boost capital and perhaps most importantly add more players to the tables which will, in turn, generate more content for the casinos. With such favorable odds, there really is no reason to wait, it’s about to be a win-win situation for all.

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