Can’t Get Enough Of Angry Birds? Here’s The Analog Version!

Angry Birds could very well be the world’s most downloaded iPhone game app. And, as far as I know, it is. I only say “as far as I know” because I just tried it out a few days ago. I played Crush The Castle previously, and as a matter of fact, it was one of the first apps that I bought on my iPhone. So, to me, the Angry Birds were just another incarnation of that same game. It felt weird playing the game since it was insanely similar to the Angry Birds game.

Even with the haunting feeling of being unfaithful to the game I first downloaded, I felt Angry Birds had a second hold of me. Of course, the game play was insanely addicting and all, so was the case with Crush The Castle, but Angry Birds had a way more sophisticated graphical approach and seemed a bit more thought through so to speak.

If you are addicted to Angry Birds then you probably know that sometime soon (if not already) you will reach the end and finish the game. At the same time as it is wishfully rewarding to finish a game, I have always felt like the “magic” of the game is then lost. I mean, why would I want to finish it twice when I have already seen what it can do and what happens when I do?

Well, if you are one of those who have finished the game then you are most likely looking for something similar. You will be happy to know that there is now an analog incarnation of Angry Birds, and it is sure to drag you in and make an even bigger addict out of you. Besides, the possibilities are endless with the analog version. After all, it’s you that builds everything up only to try and tear it down again. When I come to think of it, what a waste of time. Hmm… For just 14.95 you will get the slinger and 14 pieces to build up your game. But you have to hold your horses a little because the analog version won’t come out until May. Another Hmm…