Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes: It’s Complicated

Ahh… Charlie Sheen. He has become the person we love to rag on for the moment. And to think for all these years I didn’t know he was the wacko one. Sorry Denise, now I understand that it really was just complicated.

You gotta give the guy credit though. He’s managed to create his own brand of crazy, and he does it well. His latest installment of insanity is this “Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes” video. Aside from the fact there was a porn star wearing a “Charlie’s Goddess” t-shirt hand delivering him a package from an adult entertainment store, and he was drinking his own juice concoction he calls tiger blood, apparently the shoot for the video was relatively normal. The key word here is relatively. Yep, now you can learn how to cook your own meat the Charlie way, which according to him isn’t cooking it, it’s willing it.

Oh well, at least he still has a couple of impressive claims to fame. After all, he was the first person ever to get over 1 million Twitter followers in 24 hours (he has 2.6 million followers now). Although his tweets are definitely lame, his bio is cute. It reads, “Born Small… Now Huge… Winning… Bring it! (unemployed winner…)” He also said that over 74,000 people have applied to be his social media intern. What does intern mean? Oh yeah, that means you don’t get paid. I forgot, he doesn’t have a job anymore. Poor guy. We wish you all the best Charlie!

Charlie Sheen Funny or Die

Charlie Sheen Funny or Die

Charlie Sheen Funny or Die

Via: [Daily Mail] [Radar Online]