Command and Conquer this!

There are a lot of C&C fans around the world, but I know some of these new kids to gaming probably werent even born when C&C Red Alert was first released.  Red Alert really set the standard for frantic strategic battles, I remember playing C&C at work, one of my first network’ed multiplayer games – besides Quake – and never understanding how my friend was able to get air planes to bomb my stuff before I had even really set up base… its amazing how bad you can truly be against someone else.

C&C Red Alert was actually the second command and conquer instalment, it was release after the first Command and Conquer game and quite close to the expansions.  It ran off into its own series as we can still see today!  It has now been released for free so you can all either experience the game how it was a good few years ago, or relive the memories and wipe that tear from your eye as you do.


  • (North America Mirror) – Allied Disc
  • (North America Mirror) – Soviet Disc
  • (Europe Mirror) – Allied Disc
  • (Europe Mirror) – Soviet Disc
  • (Asia Mirror) – Allied Disc
  • (Asia Mirror) – Soviet Disc

Here is the intro to wet your appetite