Computer Games – An Innocent Chillout Or Grave Addiction?

Should we consider gambling passion a type of addiction? Can we equate games with gambling? Are all people, who play online, exposed to gambling addiction? There’re many opinions, disputes, and discussions on this subject. The USA researchers tried to investigate this issue and carried out a study based on analysis and interviewing. Now, let’s get started.

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Relaxing Gaming – The Thing That Most People Strive For…Or Not?

The final conclusions made by American researchers are very intriguing. If you compare computer and gambling games in terms of addiction, gambling games are certainly way ahead. Which means, that these are gambling games to be considered dependence-producing. This is even despite the fact, that the latest computer games also demand financial expenses (for example, the purchase of characters in Star Wars Battlefront II). At the same time, the one and the other are available for free play.

At the same time, it was figured out, that only 3% of all the study participants (19000) acknowledge abusive playing or gambling. To be precise, they realize, that gambling/playing takes a bigger part of their time than it actually should. As you can see, this statement belongs both to computer-addicts and gambling-addicts. As for the rest 97%, they’re completely sure, that such leisure time activity cannot affect their private or business life badly.

These were the result of interviewing. Now let’s have a look at the survey poll; the results are much more interesting. Only 1% suffer from computer gaming addiction and consider themselves addicts. And only 2% recognize their gambling addiction. So, most players see computer and gambling games as aggregators.

People of different ages, minds, sexes, occupation and etc. are searching for online-casinos, studying new quests and other genres, trying to playing video slots for free with the only intention in mind. They simply want to relax, have fun and catch a break. And these people understand perfectly well, that it’s merely a temporary VR experience.

In the situation, when players completely get lost in the virtual world, associate themselves with imaginative characters and really get addicted, the issue has more to do with human psychology, his life circumstances and problems (according to the famous neurobiologist’s theory). Such problems have nothing to do with games – neither gambling nor computer ones.

Why Do People Get Addicted?

Scientists mention 3 factors, which account for the entire mechanism of human addiction. These are:

  • Integration of all kinds of addiction – alcohol, games, smoking … doesn’t really matter;
  • Addiction develops in our brains – people are generally prone to it or totally indifferent, they can defeat their weakness or cannot resist;
  • The ability to separate emotions and impressions obtained from the source of addiction from the real-life experience.

So those people, who play on reliable online gaming platform/in an online casino, can either simply have fun and relax, either descend into addiction. By the way, everyone has access to the list of secure casinos and gaming platforms.

According to the research, 97% of gamers and gamblers fall into the first category. They’re just relaxing, getting rid of negative emotions and living their lives – gambling, disputing, chilling…

Video Games – Victory

Vital necessity – this is what addicts think about their dependencies. It may be drugs, sweets, smoking or whatever. So, the need, which later turns into addiction is mere a custom or associating your custom with vital necessitates. According to the authors of the concept, you need to separate yourself from the source of the addiction or review your attitude towards it – you can still enjoy gambling or computer games provided they’re restricted to limited time and frames so that gaming is really satisfying and relaxing.

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