The Coolest Hidden Object Games On PC

If you want to take a break from the insane pace of modern games, but still wish to spend your free time with interest, you may love hidden object games. This is a subgenre of puzzles in which you need to find items from a given list hidden in a picture. Typically, these items are perfectly disguised in the surroundings, and they are often more difficult to find. Now, let’s look at the coolest hidden object games on PC.

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1. Albian Chronicles

Albian Chronicles is the most popular out of the Hidden object games on FastDownload. In Albian’s country, magic is a common thing. A magic convention is a large-scale event: all magicians and wizards from all lands come here.

This year, Gwendolyn Fairy Castle will be the venue for the grandiose action. Therefore, the fairy called you for help. Jewelry mixed with unnecessary trash is scattered throughout the territory, and all findings must be sold to a reseller to update the interior and external territory.

2. PuppetShow – Her Cruel Collection

In a small town, people began to disappear. After a while, they returned but did not remember anything about what happened to them. You are a detective who has to figure out what happened: interesting puzzles, hidden objects in various locations, and exciting mini-games are waiting for you. During the game, you will have to fight for your life to find the groom of the mayor’s daughter, who hired you for this job.

3. Royal Detective – Queen Of Shadows

This is another game with a mystical storyline. You’ll have to deal with the mystery of the lost kingdom — previously flourishing, but now inhabited by ghosts. Monsters and ghosts are not the only danger in the empty streets of the city, but with the help of logic, you will cope with all obstacles.

4. New York Mysteries – The Outbreak

The main character of the game is a journalist involved in incredible events: she has to confront a mad scientist who uses her to get into a secret order. Traditionally for the genre, players will find puzzles, mini-games, and quest tasks.

5. The Blacklist – Conspiracy

This is a challenging and interesting hidden object game developed by Gameloft where you will fight against crime. It is based on the TV series The Blacklist, so it involves many of the main characters in the series. Together with Raymond Reddington, a criminal genius who choose the legal side, the player will have to solve a variety of hidden-object puzzles that will allow you to find clues.

In Conclusion

Our selection of the best-hidden object games is over. We are sure you will love most of them — they are exciting, challenging, and will make you have a great time. If you have any other games to share, please leave your comments below!

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