Two Vital Decision That Could Decide Red Sox Fate At The World Series

Boston Red Sox have a source of joy to watch these season as they have displayed consistency in recent games. Their recent 6-4 victory over Baltimore Orioles lays testament to their quality and form. The Boston based baseball outfit have continued to give New York Yankees a run in the American league east standings of the MLB. The current Sox team have improved greatly compared to the 2017 side as they look set to fight for postseason accolades.

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They have been a joy to watch this season as star power, can smash the ball out of the ballpark when called upon. They have also been stable both on and off the pitch as they appear to be unified. The team despite the impressive stats still have flaws which need to be corrected for their aspiration for a 9th World Series trophy in October to become a reality.

The team despite its improvement last year’s seems constituted at the moment. The Olde Towne team could still finish with an underwhelming postseason result similar to recent times. Red Sox is 23/5 to win the World Series with Freebet.

Red Sox – The Two Major Issues

The Red Sox’s hopes is dependent on 2 major issues, the Astros, and the Yankees. Comparing their rosters side by side, the Red Sox do stack up with their fiercest competitors. The 1-2 punch in the lineup of Betts and Martinez coupled with the 1-2 punch in the starting rotation with Sale and Price is a good as any in Baseball. However, the start of autumn temperature could have adverse on the Sox as they could struggle greatly. They need to make use of the trade window before it elapses with less than 2 months to the deadline.

The more pressing issue still relates to the Bullpen. The Red Sox need to acquire another late-inning set-up reliever but lacks the fund to push its ambitions. Dombrowski’s purging of the Minor league has left the Boston side financially incapacitated to pursue the necessary talents needed at the club, unlike rich rivals Yankees and Astros. This means that the Boston based outfit will have to make transfer early to avoid competition from fellow rivals.

A rewind to 2003, the misguided transfer experiment on Byung-Hyun Kim carried out by the Bosox management turned out to be a huge failure as the signing fail to live up to expectation. 15 years later the baseball outfit has been placed in the same scenario or condition of acting before the deadline approaches. It is said that if the Sox wait to deadline period to push for services of a Bullpen, be rest assured that they baseball outfit will play second or third fiddle to Yankees and Houston

The second issue of the Boston based outfits still has to do with fortification of their defense. Dustin Pedroia of the old was famous for his strong display of character in defense for the team. Eduardo Nunez, on the other hand, has failed to improve his game and this could likely cost the Sox when play-off period begins. It’s been observed that team run like wild horse against the Sox because of the vulnerability of Nunez and this is fast becoming a source of concern.

The team currently lacks a player with successful experience at the postseason games after releasing Hanley Ramirez, so playing catch up will most assuredly be a recipe for disaster. The team will certainly need to improve their defenses to avoid creating rooms for elite teams to capitalize on. Nunez needs to be dropped to the bench to send a message to under-performers at the club. Provision should be made for third based drummers such as Rafael Devers.

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