DIY Harry Potter Fever Fudge

Don’t you just love it in movies when they show people making and eating the most unusual concoctions that we’d never think of? I’ve always dreamed of having a replicator like on Star Trek so I could just instantly have a perfectly cooked steak and a baked potato without having to actually light up the grill. Speaking of Star Trek, that crew and the others who shared the universe with them definitely had their own unique foods and drinks. The most interesting ones to me were Romulan Ale, Heart of Targ (a Klingon meat casserole) and Gagh, which is that now famous Star Trek dish made with live serpent worms. If you want to make these delicious dinners at home, you can check out the Star Trek Cookbook on amazon.

Harry Potter is another collection of movies with its own special foods. The Harry Potter food and drinks are even more enticing since they usually come with special powers. About a year ago, I wrote an article about how to make Harry Potter Butterbeer. That particular recipe was actually approved by J.K. Rowling herself.

Today I stumbled over a tutorial on Instructables for how to make Harry Potter Fever Fudge. According to Harry Potter Wiki, “Fever Fudge is a type of sweet made by Fred and George Weasley for their Skiving Snackbox. Fever Fudge is designed to make the one who eats it get a high fever within seconds, but the side effects are large, pus filled boils…” Awesome! If you’d like to make this for yourself, just click over to starshipminivan‘s tutorial on Instructables called Fever Fudge.




Via: [Instructables]