Eight Casino Trends To Look For In 2024

The year 2023 introduced many innovations, the biggest of which was artificial intelligence, and it’s interesting to see how players and game developers have used AI. Crypto, NFTs, and MR are just a few of the variables that have impacted the gambling industry. Let’s look at what new trends 2024 will have for us.

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Better Slot Machines Of 2024

We will see bigger and better slot machines in land casinos, and we know that slot machines are the bread and butter of casinos. It only makes sense to improve the current machines.

The bigger they are, the better the gaming experience for the player, and the more digitized they become, the more appealing they will be. Gen Z is now the target market for land casinos, and they are the tech-savvy generation.

Crypto And Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology allow for faster and safer transactions for online casino users. Crypto casinos have become popular since they leverage privacy over traditional online casinos. People don’t want to share their details online, and crypto casinos offer higher anonymity and transparency. This is another one of the casino trends we will see more of.

We expect to see the development of decentralized casinos in the coming year, or at least casinos operating solely on blockchain technology. Development like this will be a game-changer for online gambling and players.


Before you scoff at the idea of playing your 10-bet casino games on your phone twenty years ago, did you think we would be paying for groceries with our phones? Well, it’s not far-fetched to think we will be playing online with our smartwatches, and why not?

They are compact, always on our wrists, and connected to our phones, banks, and everything else. With the advancement of technology, we are getting to a point where we don’t need to carry our phones.

Virtual Reality

VR/MR/AR has taken over the video-gaming industry and overlapped with gambling, which will become a prominent part of the casino trends in 2024. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, VR gambling is more immersive and interactive; players don’t need to leave home to experience the casino feeling.

There are already successful VR casinos like PokerStars VR, which is strictly for poker; players worldwide gather at the tables to showcase their skills and strategies. Social Club VR is a fully equipped casino with poker tables, slots, and other games. You can shoot at the roulette wheel or enjoy drinks at the bar.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is not something we could call a trend, but it has been in the spotlight this past year. The UK introduced new maximum stake amounts for online slot machines. Both land and online casinos have moved to better practices by giving people options such as cooling-off periods and restricting irresponsible behavior in gambling establishments. This one, out of all the casino trends on this list, will be one of the more important ones.

Live Stream Betting

Sports betting is a big hit in many countries and is legal in many countries worldwide. Sports betting generated $7.56 billion in the US, showing that sports betting is prevalent.

Live stream betting lets you watch the game whilst tracing the betting odds. Then, you can change your bets accordingly. Live stream betting is fast-paced, dynamic, and interactive because you must stay glued to the game.

There are live-streaming sites and apps you can watch and play on. This form of betting is becoming even more popular in the new year as people believe this way is more convenient and cheaper.

More AI Incorporation

We already experience AI in marketing and streaming apps like Netflix that use algorithms to capture data and curate content based on our preferences. Meta has done this successfully across its social platforms with hashtags and mentions.

We can certainly expect this AI integration when playing at online casinos. Once your app or site determines you are an avid slot player, they can show you newly introduced slot games or offer you slot game bonuses.

AI also helps with customer engagement and resolving customer queries quickly. One of the deciding factors when selecting an online casino is the responsiveness of customer chat. The use of chatbots can speed up responses.

Customer Experience

Land casinos face a lot of competition from online casinos and, in the past couple of years, have lost out on a lot of revenue—US casinos lost over 30% of gambling revenue in 2020. Now, the focus is to give players a whole experience; that is why successful casinos have resorts, hotels, food establishments, and kid areas. Major casino trends like these will definitely see more push in 2024.

The focus is to ensure customers get everything they want in one location. You can catch an Adele show in Vegas and enjoy five-star cuisine without leaving the building. Creating unique and full experiences is the only way land casinos can compete.

Casino Trends – Lastly

The coming year is going to be an exciting one in terms of innovation and AI integration, and also a lot more new casino trends. We cannot wait to see how we will be gaming and gambling differently.

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