Elements of Life | DJ on Tour

Design as I have always pointed out does not necessarily mean you have to use photoshop or sketch pad and pencil but can also be applied using lights and sounds and video as well as the stage set up. Good example is the shows produced by the #1 DJ to date  DJ Tiesto. specially with his latest tour Elements of Life.

He captured the elements with much awesomeness.  Lights and video used were truly works of art. You can feel the fire, the water and the power via the huge LED screen.  I’ve done 2 shows in this magnitude and it takes months of planning with a set up of 4 to 5 days.  But all the work really pays off when you see the entire thing come to life.  Check out the videos I included here and you will see what i mean.


If you are wondering where he is performing now, he is doing big shows at the capital of music and parties Ibiza.