Even Disney Is Teasing Tiger Woods

I’ve run the gamut of emotions with Tiger Woods. At first, I was angry at him, like the rest of the world. Next, I went through a phase where I was just so tired of hearing about him, and now I’ve entered a time where I feel really sorry for him.

The reason I feel sorry for him is because I think he is going to continue to be the butt of jokes everywhere for years to come. I know that time heals all wounds. He and his wife will probably get divorced and in a couple years, it will all be over. However, I don’t think the Tiger Woods jokes are going away any time soon, if ever.

Just like we will forever associate O.J. Simpson with the white Bronco chase and the glove, I think we may forever associate Tiger Woods with his sexual escapades. I don’t think of football when I think of O.J. Simpson, and it’s sad to say that as this continues, we may not associate Tiger Woods with golf as much as we do with sex.

According to https://newsblaze.com, “Disney has joined in making jokes at the expense of Tiger Woods even as a new poll shows the embattled billionaire golf star’s popularity sinking to levels usually reserved for politicians.”

Thank you to @krystynchong for sending this video to me. You know your life has hit an all time low when even Disney characters are making fun of you. This video is from the Aladdin show at Disney’s Adventure theme park in California. Could it get any worse for him?