Everything About How Online Slots Work

Slot games never fail to keep players entertained with their innovative features. But behind the engaging gameplay, there’s a lot of factors that work together to make the reels spin in slot games. These include the RNG, RTP, volatility, graphics, and scalability that makes it accessible in various devices like mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Find out everything about how slot games work as you read more below:

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The Technology Behind Online Slot Games

Online slots are one of the most entertaining and easiest games to play in online casinos. All you have to do is wager an amount of money and spin the reels to potentially land a combination of matching symbols that will reward you with massive prizes. As the number of slot players increases, so does the number of slots available online. Go behind the scenes as to how online slots work:

Random Number Generator (RNG)

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and it is the software that generates random combinations of symbols in a slot game. The RNG ensures that the probability of any symbols turning up is random, keeping the gameplay fair and giving all players a chance to win prizes. This software continues to generate random numbers even if the slot is not in use.


Providers use a series of coding protocols to develop their games. Some of the most common programs used to develop slot games are C, C++, JavaScript, and Python.

RTP, Hit Frequency, And Volatility

RTP means Return to Player, and this is the percentage of the player’s wagered money that the game will return over time. in a game. Most online slots you can find offer an RTP above 90%. Keep in mind that RTP is not an indication of how often a player can win.

Instead, it’s the Hit Frequency that determines how often the game can land a winning combination. In other words, if the game’s hit frequency is 10%, then the slot can generate winning combinations 10% of the time.

The Volatility pertains to the frequency of wins and the number of payouts you can receive in a game. If a game has low volatility, it will frequently give out small payouts. Medium volatility has a moderate amount of wins and payouts. Meanwhile, with high volatility, players can expect large payouts. However, winning isn’t as frequent unlike with low and medium volatility slots.

Graphics And Illustrations

Most slots that you’ll find today contain impressive illustrations of its characters and background using modern graphics, unlike older slots that only have hand-drawn designs. Slot game providers these days use 3D modeling to create realistic characters and settings.

With themes and narratives included in the gameplay, slot games offer a more immersive gaming experience for players and an entertainment value that goes beyond just spinning the reels and winning.

The layout for the animations and illustrations of slot games are conceptualized and developed by each providers’ team of animators and programmers who work together to create innovative slots that will stand out from the hundreds of games available today.


These days, online slots are no longer only available on desktop computers. Now, with improved scalability, these games can now be played on various devices such as mobile and tablets, giving players multiple options on where to play their favorite slots. Here are some of the available platforms where slots are available:


Most slots today can also be played on mobile devices and tablets. As with the rise in the number of people owning a mobile phone, so is the availability of games that they can play on it. Slot players can now access their favorite slots anytime and anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Many providers also specifically designed games to support both Android and iOS, making it easier for all slot players to access a slot on their device.

With improved scalability, the game also adapts to the platform so that the quality of the slot’s graphics and animations are uncompromised. Meaning, players can have the same experience with the same features and designs throughout all types of devices.


Recently, providers have begun venturing into Virtual and Augmented Reality technology with slot games to make its gameplay more immersive. As of writing, there are only 5 slots available in VR. With VR slots, you get to play the slots as if you’re inside the game. Meanwhile, with AR slots, you can play the games with augmented backgrounds and designs for more realistic gameplay.

A Wide Range Of Impressive Slots

With a wide range of online slots available today, more and more providers develop themed-slots that will fit the preferences of players. By producing slots with impressive RTP, volatility, and payouts, slot providers can offer games that will keep players immersed all throughout.

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