FaceBook Games 101

Facebook is fast growing social networking site and for those of you who are on FaceBook you will notice that aside from updating status, uploading pictures, greeting your friends and getting the latest scoop on status changes, one will see that more games are being introduced.  I have even written a couple of articles on the new and popular games that people are now playing.  There is Yo Ville, Farmville, Fishville, Mob Wars, Restaurant City, Pet Society, Word games, and a lot more. If you check the active users on the games, the numbers on some of them have reached to millions.  Why is that? for one they are really very addicting, they are fun to play and you get to involve your friends in the process.  But just like in Twitter, here are some things that you might want to consider when playing the games.

1.  Consider your other non gamer friends – There is a function when you play, when you level up or start the game, your status gets updated with the activities that you do.  As a lover of the games, when I get that I really don’t mind, but for the non gamers, they may get annoyed.  You can actually control what you update.  After you have added the game application, there is tab next to your name on the header of your page (settings) click on that and then a box will appear with preferences.  Here you can check on the box where it says, you can manually choose to update or skip updates.  You can then minimize and just choose which update you want to be seen on stream.

2.   Inviting/Sending gifts – Make sure that before you invite or tag a friend to play games with you, consider if they do like playing games.  Some really don’t.  You will know this as before you invite them to be a neighbor or send them gifts, there is an option already on the pop up box when you are sending invites or gifts.  To either choose all or just the active users of a particular game.  Your non gaming friends will really appreciate it believe me.  You really don’t want to be sending tons and tons of invites or gifts to those who really won’t  appreciate it.  You see this clogs up their home page with stuff not relevant to them.

I have always believed that everyone has their own reasons for joining social networking sites and we shouldn’t force anyone to do and like what we enjoy.  Just some tips to make everyone’s experience on FaceBook more enjoyable for everyone! I have also included some screen shots to guide you just in case you want to follow our recommendation.  MAIN IMAGE SOURCE