Finally: A Health Benefit From Playing Video Games!

Well Halleluiah! Finally someone has proven that there is a health benefit to playing video games, well, if you have a lazy eye that is. Typically, people that have a lazy eye have to put a patch over the good eye in order to force the lazy eye to become stronger. It’s a long grueling process.

According to recent research completed by the University of California, 40 hours of playing video games with the lazy eye is equivalent to 120 hours of other activities in terms of how fast the lazy eye improves. The researchers conducted three different tests with people between the ages of 20 and 60, just to make sure these results can be directly attributed to the gameplay, and they are. Wow! What a fun form of eye therapy!

This will be exceptionally exciting for children with a lazy eye. Not only do most kids enjoy video games, they strongly dislike wearing an eye patch, so this could be a much faster way to cure the problem! You can read the specifics of the study here.

[Via: Joystiq] [Image Credit: CREATISTA / Shutterstock]