Finger Tutting: How To Dance With Your Fingers

We got a hot one tonight baby! This is so simple yet creative, and I love it. First of all, this is an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy SII phone which recently launched in France. Secondly, it’s gone viral (Yay… for a change Apple didn’t think of it first), and lastly, I betcha it’s the coolest video you’ll watch all day.

I’ve never heard of the word tutting before today. Apparently it’s a style of dance. According to Wikipedia, “Tutting is performed with attention to the music’s rhythm by altering the position of the body and limbs in a synchronized, robotic manner. The size of poses, or tuts, varies from large body tuts to intricate finger tuts.

In this video, you’ll see finger tutting at its best. It’s live action integrated with motion graphics. The person in the video is JayFunk, an Internet finger tutting phenomenon. This choreography is incredible. I wonder how long it took him to master this. I wonder how this dynamic viral video has impacted the sales of the phone it advertises. I wonder how he does that with his fingers. I could go on and on… Watch and learn how to unleash your own fingers. Brilliant!

Unleash Your Fingers Video

Unleash Your Fingers Video

Via: [Design You Trust]