The First National Lottery Online In Zambia

It is good news for Zambians now as they have the first national lottery online. Zambia joins other developed and emerging economies in the world that have access to national lotteries online.

This news comes in the backdrop of a huge demand for a national lottery in Zambia that has a global look. Now, Zambians can take pride in their distinct national lottery online and play the Zambian lottery now.

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What Is Zambia’s First Online National Lottery?

Lotto Zambia is the first online national lottery in the country. The company is experienced in providing global games like GG World Keno, GG World Million, and GG World X among others. It makes it possible for Zambians to access these top games and have fun playing them.

Licensing And Registration

Lotto Zambia has been licensed to operate in the country as part of the requirements by the Zambian Gaming and Lotteries Authority in Zambia.

Therefore, the games offered in the country are legal and any Zambian can play them. The license provided by the government is for three games i.e. GG world Million, GG World X, and GG World Keno.

You can access these top games using your mobile devices or desktop. You can download a mobile app using Android or iOS operating systems to play the games conveniently at your time.

About The Top Games On Offer

As earlier mentioned, Lotto Zambia has a license to operate three national lotteries online. Here are the details about these games:

About GG World Million

This is a jackpot game that can win you millions of cash prizes. The game is very simple. You select a total of seven numbers. The first set consists of 5 main numbers drawn from a pool of 1-50. The second set has 2 extra numbers drawn from a pool of 1-12.

Winning the jackpot means that you match the 7 numbers. However, you can also win other low-tier cash prizes if you match a few numbers.

About GG World X

GG World X is also a jackpot game that has various prize tiers. Just like GG World Million, you choose 5 main numbers from a pool of 1-50 and 2 extra numbers from 1-12. In Zambia, the minimum jackpot prize is K210,000,000. The prize is on a rollover basis. It gets bigger every week there is no winner announced.

About GG World Keno

The final national lottery of Zambia is GG World Keno. It is a fast-paced lottery game that has its draw every 4 minutes. The gameplay is simple. You just pick 1-10 numbers and hope that they will be selected in the draw of 20 numbers. It is a multiplier game. You can win more if you increase your stake.

How To Play And Check Lotto Results

Lotto Zambia’s games are accessible to all adults in the country. You simply need to register an account and choose the game that you want to play. You can verify the daily lotto results of Zambia on the official website of Lotto Zambia. It is that simple for you to play and win the Zambian national lottery online and claim big prizes.

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