Flaunt Your Loki Loyalty With 12 Out-Of-This-World Products

Damn, it feels good to be a prankster. Everyone loves the Avengers, but let’s not forget about their silver-tongued nemesis…the notorious Loki of Asgard. Loki Odinson, later known as Loki Laufeyson, is one of the most tragic and complex characters in the Marvel universe. Sure, he does horrible things and tries to take over the world, but he has his reasons for doing so. He’s burdened with glorious purpose, and fans can’t help but love him for it.

Superheroes like the Avengers can’t show off their sweet skills without a determined supervillian like Loki to challenge them. And there’s no denying that he’s a formidable opponent!

Perhaps you’re a fan of Loki’s various comic book incarnations (I’d love to recommend a few stellar issues if you haven’t checked them out), or of his epic portrayal by Tom Hiddleston in Thor and The Avengers (how could you not be?). Or, maybe you simply enjoy exclaiming “Loki’d!” in the office after you prank your friends. Regardless, fans like you should be encouraged to show support for this green-and-gold-clad trickster however they can.

To get you started on your quest, I’ve gathered 12 of my favorite products for kindred Loki fans out there. I tried to include a variety of items – from intricate figures to handmade jewelry – to accommodate fans from all walks of life. Don’t worry, there’s something for every price range too! They’re listed in order of most expensive to least expensive. Which one’s your favorite?

Loki Sixth Scale Figure

Sixth Scale Figure, Photo Credit [Sideshow Collectibles]

Loki Handmade Doll

Loki Plush, Photo Credit [ShadeDreams]

Loki in Disguise Suit T-Shirt

God of Mischief in Disguise T-Shirt, Photo Credit [redbubble]

Loki Art Nouveau Print

Art Nouveau Loki Print, Image Credit [artisticoddities]

Loki Comic Book Coasters

Recycled Comic Book Coasters, Image Credit [crabappledesign]

Loki 'I Do What I Want' Pendant

Loki Pendant, Photo Credit [BubblegumSniper]

Join Loki's Army Print

The Avengers Loki’s Army Fan Art Poster, Image Credit [FeerieDoll]

Loki Hulk Smash iPhone4 Case

iPhone 4/4s Case (Loki’s Face After Hulk Smash), Image Credit [vergacraft]

Loki Silver Etched Ring

Avengers-Inspired Loki Ring, Image Credit [ImpressedArt]

Loki Perler Bead Necklace

Loki-Inspired Necklace, Photo Credit [Weeabootique]

Tom Hiddleston Loki'd Earrings

Tom Hiddleston Loki’d Fabric Button Earrings, Photo Credit [ODarlingDesigns]

Loki Paper Doll Puppet

Loki Paper Doll Puppet, Image Credit [WhitefoxHats]