The Future Of Online Gaming Is Changing

Online gaming is big business and vast amounts of money are both won and lost at virtual tables of all kinds. Technology has made it even easier to play games from the comfort of our own homes whilst allowing to feel like part of a community when taking part in online tournaments. This social side to online gaming and gambling has helped to further increase its popularity.

Online casinos (such as Online Video Slot Machines) have become so popular that there are even comparisons sites available, such as top online casino, so you can check where you’re spending your online gaming funds. Security has also had to become a key factor for businesses who trade in online slots, tournaments and the other myriad of online games available.

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We definitely haven’t seen the last of cryptocurrencies, if anything they’ll continue to develop and evolve with the like of Ethereum entering the marketplace. Bitcoin, for instance, has a real foothold in the financial world and there are even gaming sites that offer online casino games which you can play using Bitcoin. Blockchain is also set to start having a real influence on online gaming and amongst other areas of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality and augmented reality have taken huge steps forward with advent of AR/VR shopping and the desire to continually improve the way we consume goods and services. We can be sure that as these technologies continue to evolve, they will lead the way in how we game online and communicate with the people we interact with online. Artificial intelligence is already learning our preferences and understanding our online behaviors.

With new titles like Firmament from Cyan Worlds, Borderlands 2 VR from Greabox and Lone Echo 2 from Ready at Dawn, the VR space is about to be thrown into overdrive. This means that there will be more titles than ever that offer a VR experience and this is something that will spawn even more interest. It’s a neverending growth cycle that we have seen so many times before. We here at Bit Rebels predict that within the next 5 years, VR will be the most common game mode among online gaming.

Not only will this give birth to a whole new way of interaction between players, but it will also be a new dawn for gaming as a whole as new technologies will be invented to make the experience of gaming even more immersive.

Gaming On The Move

A huge effort is being made to increase our ability to play online from our mobile devices. More and more apps are entering the market and those who don’t keep up the mobile trend are likely to be short-lived. The days of PC play are gradually reducing as more and more of us rely on our mobile phones to manage our lives on the move.

As technology continues to advance, expect to see big changes entering the online world of gaming and gambling. This is only the beginning of the online gaming revolution and we are eager to see new innovation being presented in every branch of the gaming industry.

The one industry that we believe will be the first target for new technologies like VR and cryptocurrencies is the eSports industry. So far, we have seen gamers in front of a computer doing their best to defeat their opponents. In the coming future, we will see them decked out in VR gear and all kinds of cool tech, taking on each other in an ever expanding and immersive gaming experience.

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