Gambling In The US? – Here’s A Guide On US States That Allow It

Gambling has a long and difficult history in the USA, having been outlawed throughout the 1900s for various reasons, like abolishing criminality in the 1920s, sports scandals in the ‘60s, and Internet gambling in the early 2000s. As more of that outdated legislation gets repealed, each state has its own laws that allow or restrict gambling.

Here we have gathered a list of the states that do allow gambling in some form. Where necessary, we have detailed if they allow online gambling or not, for those who prefer to play roulette online for real money without even leaving their home.

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As it stands right now, Arkansas is one of the more accepting states where gambling is involved. Within their borders, they allow commercial gambling, lotteries, and racetrack gambling. They don’t have online gambling legalized yet.


California doesn’t allow commercial gambling but, through tribal casinos and racetracks where sports betting is available, they do have online gambling facilities for bettors in the state. They also have the California State Lottery and cardrooms but, where casinos and online casino gaming are concerned, it is prohibited.


Colorado allows pretty much any form of gambling except for online gambling. The state offers lotteries, commercial casino gambling, tribal casino gambling, and then racetrack sports betting. Through sports betting establishments, you can gamble online, but casino gaming and online poker don’t have any legal presence.


Delaware is notorious as one of the most gambling-friendly states in the union. They were part of the push for legalizing many gambling practices on a national level. As a result, they allow lotteries, casinos, racetracks, and online gambling for both the casinos and sports betting.


Commercial casinos are illegal in Florida but online gambling isn’t, which is unusual for many US states. There are tribal casinos where you can get your fix along with racetrack and sports betting establishments, which also have an online presence.


Illinois has embraced the legalization of many forms of gambling, allowing commercial casinos, racetracks, and sports betting, and online expressions of both.


Indiana also fully allows gambling in commercial settings, tribal settings, racetracks, sports betting establishments, and online platforms tied to casinos and sports betting.


Iowa’s gambling situation mirrors Indiana’s, meaning that commercial casino gambling, online gambling, sports betting, and racetrack betting are all available for paying clients.


Louisiana hosts lotteries and accepts commercial and tribal casinos, along with racetrack betting. Online gambling is currently illegal, as is sports betting when hosted by establishments that aren’t racetracks.


Maine follows Louisiana in that they allow commercial casino and racetrack betting, though tribal casino betting is illegal. Other forms of sports betting are also illegal, as is online gambling.


Maryland allows casino gambling in commercial settings and has racetracks that host betting. They have also legalized sports betting on a wider scale but online gambling is illegal.


Massachusetts hosts legal gambling at casinos, tribal casinos, and racetracks. Unfortunately, online gambling is illegal and other types of sports betting are also not allowed.


Michigan allows everything in terms of gambling – commercial and tribal casinos, sports betting, racetrack betting, and online gambling of many different types.


When it comes to gambling, Nevada needs no introduction. Having historically been a haven for gambling, they allow commercial and tribal casinos and sports betting, as well as online gambling. As of right now, racetrack gambling is illegal.

New Jersey

New Jersey allows gambling in commercial casinos and racetracks, along with other forms of sports betting. Online gambling is currently illegal, however.

New York

New York allows every form of gambling as long as it’s not online, permitting commercial and tribal casinos, racetracks, and other types of sports betting.


Pennsylvania is open to most forms of gambling. There are no tribal casinos but you can gamble in commercial establishments. As for sports betting, you can bet at racetracks and other sports betting venues, and then online gambling is available for both of them.

Rhode Island

Tribal casinos are illegal in Rhode Island but otherwise, gamblers in this state can enjoy commercial casinos, racetrack betting, sports betting, and online gambling.

West Virginia

While there are no tribal casinos to speak of, West Virginia allows every other form of gambling at commercial casinos, racetracks, sports betting establishments, and gambling websites.

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