5 Tricks To Grow Your Farm In Hay Day

Hay Day became one of the most loved and downloaded free-to-play games on the play store because of its loving visuals, easy-to-play game mechanics, and virtually soothing game environment. The only downside to the game is its colossal in-app purchases.

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The game starts by giving you the command of reconditioning a farm that has seen fine days. Then, you have to look after the day-to-day chores of a farm in general, like growing and harvesting crops, raising livestock, clearing land, and making goods you can sell.

The secondary goal is to make profits from selling these items. As the game moves along, you have new crops, livestock and things, and new management difficulties. To fast forward all this, you can buy in-game hard cash currency like diamonds from in-app purchases, but that can sometimes cost a fortune. Here are the top 5 tricks that can save your time and money.

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1. Say No To Visitors, They Won’t Get Offended

Visitors who come to your farm want to buy your goods, but they generally don’t want to pay a reasonable price for them. So don’t be afraid to say no in fact, say no until you have way more than you need. They won’t get offended, and they’ll come back again soon enough as soon as the mood strikes them.

You should make the only exception when you have total power on something, like chicken eggs or something I can make fast, like wheat.

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2. Use Seed Inventory Wisely Plan For Future

As tempting as you may feel to use all the seeds in your inventory to fill a large profitable order, don’t do it; it can turn out to be your biggest mistake in the game. Instead, plant some of those seeds and make sure to keep enough on hand to create the products you’re going to need later in the game.

As your farm grows, you’re going to need a constant supply of food for your livestock, and you should always have a good stock of wheat, corn, soybeans, and other feed in your inventory at all times.

“Plan for the future. Do not rush your game.

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3. Refuse Orders If You Can’t Fulfill Them

Your board will fill up quickly with orders from businesses all over town that need your products more. They’re usually willing to pay a premium. Still, sometimes you don’t have enough stock in your inventory to fill the orders, or it’ll take too long, or it is out of your capacity to fulfill a particular order; you may not even have the equipment or livestock to fill the order.

“Don’t be afraid to say NO.”

You will wait a few more minutes until the next order arrives, but if you can’t fill it, again say no, take your time and choose your order wisely.

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4. Roadside Stands Are More Than Decoration

The roadside stand might look like decoration, but they are way more than that. They use them to their full extent.

Rather than selling goods at a low price to visitors, sell them to your friends who are playing Hay Day. You can check the roadside stand to see what other players are selling products for and follow accordingly. I usually max out the price of the good then give a 10% discount. Usually, it sells right away.

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5. Experience = Money = Success (Balance Is Necessary)

Balance is the key to success. As you will play along with the game, you will get to know money is necessary, but so are your experience stars.

To grow in Hay Day is as much about reaching a higher level as it is about making money, so skim throw order carefully. It may be worth your while to go with a declaration that offers less money but more experience to help you level up faster. The faster you level up, the quicker you grow.


Playing the game at a slow but steady speed will help, do not rush things, always plan for the future in the game.

Try to have fun and enjoy the process. It’s not a race. It’s a journey. Use all the resources wisely and think twice before taking any order and seeds can be as valuable as gems sometimes, and last but not least, learn to say no to things.

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