Here Is An App That Lets You Own A Talking Cat!

There are so many apps that are developed everyday, and for those of you who have either an iPad or an iPhone, you can attest to the number of hours you probably spend searching for the best ones to use. I like to download utility apps, photography apps and apps that are very entertaining like games. One app that I recently downloaded is called the Talking Tom Cat app. My sister and friend @myniffie have been playing with this app since I downloaded it, and it is loads of fun and provides hours of laughter and creativity.

People nowadays are not content with just sharing information, they also want to create content and then share it with friends and loved ones. The Talking Tom Cat app allows that feature. You create your own content. The application allows you to record your voice and play it back with a cat representing you. You can either have the Tom Cat speak what you dictate or sing. You just need to click on the recording icon, and then once you have sung your piece or finished talking, you can just click on the playback button and viola, you have your video! The application also allows you to download it to your email, FaceBook or YouTube account. The Tom Cat application is free, but if you want to have additional animation, you will need to buy it. The free app allows you to pet your cat, give him milk, stroke his belly and even punch him.