Hotel City – Build A Hotel On FaceBook!

For those on FaceBook for a long time now, I’m sure you are already used to the different games that people play on the social networking site.  I love games and there is a new game that is catching on and it’s called Hotel City.  To date the game has 2,403,721 monthly active users. That is a lot of people considering that it’s a new game.  It is produced by Playfish.

What is Hotel City? Hotel City lets you and your friends start your very own world class hotels! With more customization options than ever before, you can build your hotel in any way you please and decorate it just how you like it. With so many choices and details to perfect, no two hotels are ever the same! When you’re happy with how it looks, just employ some of your friends to work for you and watch the coins come rolling in!

I included a video so that you can check it out before you add the application. Here is my review:  The game is really fun, it lets you build and manage your own hotel. With the help of your friends, you can make a lot of money so you can customize it much further. If you like Restaurant City, you will definitely enjoy this game.

Just a quick note:  For you avid FaceBook gamers, there is an option for you to change your privacy setting so that you don’t run the risk of sharing all your gaming updates on the news feed.  I do not really mind that my friends update theirs, but there are some users who find it very annoying.  Just a reminder though, to each his own.