How Advances In Technology Are Opening India’s Eyes To Online Casino

The popularity of online casinos in India is beginning to rise as we get ever closer to the year 2020. It’s predicted that the upcoming year will show further growth to the online casino industry, which has already experienced a financial boom in other parts of the world.

India has been slow to catch on, or the industry has been reluctant to enter into the Indian marketplace. Whichever way you look at it, new advances in technology are paving the way for a significant change, and in this article, we are going to explore some of the reasons why.

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3G Coverage

Access to mobile internet services in India is critical (more so than other countries) as there are only 1.33 fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 people. During a test run in late 2018, it was found that Jio was India’s leading mobile operator, as they were able to provide 4G services to 98.8% of locations across the country.

This figure shows a significant increase from previous years, and it’s this extra 4G coverage, which is largely increasing accessibility to online casinos. Casino players can now play on the go rather than just when they have access to wifi.

Payment Methods

A significant factor which has slowed down the growth of online gambling in India has been the inability of customers to deposit money into their online account. The number of people in India who have a bank account is much less than that in other parts of the world; therefore, it’s not as easy for them to deposit into an online casino account.

Big gambling operators have woken up to this stumbling block and now offer a much wider variety of payment choices to their customers.  This vast choice of payment methods now includes E-Wallets, Payment Systems like Neteller, Prepaid Cards, Cryptocurrencies, and even Cash on Delivery.

Casino Apps

As previously mentioned, most Indian people will access the internet on their mobile via 4G rather than wifi. This means it’s essential for online casino sites in India to offer them access via an app instead of their mobile internet browser, which uses a lot more data. The majority of online casinos who are serious about making waves in India offer an app for both IOS and Android phones now.

Indian Casino Games

Slots are quick, easy to play, and provide an exciting and immersive experience. There’s no doubt that they are the world’s game of choice when it comes to the online casino, but not in India. Maybe they will catch on in years to come, but game providers are now starting to cater to Indian customers rather than expecting them to change their preferences.

Some game providers such as Super Spade Games now provide gambling enthusiasts with the option to play Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. These games are part of Indian culture, and the creation of these in the context of an online casino platform shows an investment into something which is specific to the Indian market.


India is a country of 1.37 billion people, with nearly all of them having affordable access to 4G services via their smartphones. Online casino companies are now making strides to cater to India as a specific market. The only real surprise is that it’s taken them so long to invest in the second most populated country in the world.

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