How Amazon Threatens The Gaming Industry

Amazon is perhaps the most famous company around the world today. Certainly, CEO Jeff Bezos of Amazon, one of the wealthiest figures in history, is one of the most well-recognized individuals on the contemporary global stage. While many people are intimately familiar with Amazon because of their commercial reliance upon its operations, relatively few understand that the company is actively engaged in a crusade to become the master of virtually all economic industries.

Amazon disrupted deliveries, then redefined how it meant to shop for groceries. Now, the company is changing the gaming industry for the worse and could prove to be a serious threat to the future of accessible gaming. Here’s a review of Amazon’s predatory practices and how they threaten the gaming industry’s continued resiliency.

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Amazon Is Now A Gaming Company

It should come as little surprise that Amazon is now a gaming company – after all, the megacorporation became famous precisely because it branched into every realm of life and offered users a massive amount of products. While the company sold video games for years, it recently forayed into producing video games, according to a recent report from Yahoo! Finance. Besides development games, Amazon is also launching a cloud gaming service and will likely keep selling massive amounts of gaming hardware like controllers and headsets for years to come.

Thus, consumers who have typically relied upon Amazon to purchase gaming monitors or sound-proof headsets for the ultimate gaming experience are likely to return to Amazon to pick up the latest title of their choice in the near-future. With the eCommerce giant pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into this endeavor, we can expect it to become an even bigger player in the gaming industry than it already is. For the most part, this could spell out seriously negative consequences for gamers everywhere.

Others have written detailed stories of how the tech titan has invaded countless industries, in many instances for the worse. With Jeff Bezos at the helm, Amazon has become incredibly integrated into our everyday life to the point where it may be impossible to easily remove it. Nevertheless, we have some compelling reasons to believe that Amazon’s efforts to take over the globe’s commercial operations will face some serious hurdles.

Amazon May Not Succeed

According to Daniel Lacalle, a chief economist at Tressis Gestion, Amazon will likely not succeed in its efforts to become the maker, marketer, and seller of literally everything. There are natural limits to the extent that any company can grow, though Amazon is investing such massive sums of money into the gaming industry right now that it’s hard to imagine the tech behemoth fading away anytime soon.

With the gaming industry succumbing to a deluge of microtransactions and other predatory business models, it’s hard to envision things getting much better with the inclusion of a massive corporation that’s been known to shun workers while prioritizing profits. The company could potentially offer gamers everywhere relatively affordable gaming hardware, which could be a plus, but many of Amazon’s customers have reported receiving lackluster and shoddy gaming equipment when they order it online.

Perhaps most important of all is the simple fact that Amazon is not concerned about fostering the art of the gaming industry, but is instead prioritizing its ceaseless expansion into every economic realm.

According to one recent report, Microsoft now views Google and Amazon as serious contenders when it comes to the future of the gaming industry. On the upside, this increased competition could lead to better services and products for gamers.

On the other hand, an increased competition that takes place between massive corporations doesn’t always lead to consumer benefits in the way that small business competition does. The true impact Amazon will have on the future of the gaming industry remains unknown, but for now, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of Jeff Bezos’ corporate empire.

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